CASSAMAN Handheld, mobile Kasse

A handheld in the catering industry is extremely useful and offers numerous advantages. With our handheld, the CASSAMAN, your service staff will perform their tasks more efficiently and improve customer service. Here are three key benefits for you:

1. Timefactor
A handheld allows orders to be taken immediately at the table. Your service staff enters the orders directly into the system, saving time and minimizing the risk of transmission errors. This reduces waiting times for your guests and increases the accuracy of the orders.

2. Communication improvement

“There can be worlds between what the service says and what the kitchen understands” 😉

Improve communication between your service staff and your kitchen. Because as soon as the order is taken with the CASSAMAN, it is automatically transmitted to the kitchen without the service staff having to go to the cash register or the counter. This speeds up the ordering process and reduces the risk of misunderstandings.

3. Actuality and information
Your service staff can use a handheld device to instantly access information about dish availability or special offers. This allows them to give your guests quick and accurate information and better meet their needs.

Furthermore, a handheld device allows billing directly at the table. This reduces the effort for the cashier and allows your guests a convenient and fast payment.

Your management advantages:

A handheld in the catering industry also offers advantages for you in management. The devices are synchronized with your POS system, CASSABOX, which enables accurate recording of orders, sales and inventory. In addition, you can easily promote special offers and promotions via the handheld device.

Overall, using handhelds in your restaurant increases efficiency, speeds up service and improves guest satisfaction. It allows your staff to focus on the needs of your guests, reduce walking distances, minimize errors and ensure smooth order processing. Therefore, a handheld in the restaurant industry is undoubtedly a wise investment.

Do you want to know more about our handheld, the CASSAMAN, or our CASSABOX? Then call us at: 04954-927955-0 or send us a message. We will help you to clarify all open questions and check together with you the use of handhelds in your gastronomy.

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