Upselling im Restaurant

Upselling is a great way to get your guests to order more and therefore increase your revenue. Here are a few tips that you can implement together with your service staff.

First things first – product knowledge:

Make sure that your service staff are well informed about all the food and drinks on the menu. The better they know the products, the more convincingly they can recommend them to your guests.

Recommend specialities:

Have your service staff actively make recommendations. For example, if a guest asks for a drink, they can recommend an alternative drink with a higher profit margin that matches their request.

Beverage pairings:

Suggest drinks to go with the dishes. Whether wine, beer or cocktails, a targeted recommendation can increase the sale of drinks and improve the gastronomic experience of your guests.

Upselling through targeted enquiries:

Ask open questions such as “Would you like to order a side dish or salad with your steak?” or “Would you like a dessert or an aperitif/digestif?” These questions encourage guests to order additional products that meet their needs.

Highlight seasonal specialities:

Use seasonal specialities to arouse guests’ interest. Point out limited availability or time-limited dishes to create a certain amount of pressure and increase sales.

Presentation and description:

Describe the dishes and drinks in a lively and appealing way. Use positive adjectives and describe the flavours and textures to make guests’ mouths water and motivate them to buy. 😉 Who can resist a “creamy, full-bodied chocolate dessert” 😉

Training courses:

Have your service staff regularly take part in training courses on upselling. Train them to offer additional products in a subtle and friendly manner without being pushy.

By using your upselling strategy in a targeted manner and continuously optimizing it, you can not only increase your turnover, but also your profit margin. Of course, this also includes making clever purchases, knowing your purchase prices precisely and putting together clever offers or daily specials. Your employees also need to know exactly which dishes and drinks to emphasize.

To achieve long-term success, remember to strike a balance between increasing sales and customer satisfaction.

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