Küchenroboter bei der Zubereitung von Speisen

At the Internorga in March, we not only presented our products and looked for new trends for you, but also attended a few exciting discussions. Today, we want to tell you about the completely AI-controlled restaurant and give you an impression of the gastronomy of tomorrow 😉

Welcome to the future of gastronomy

Imagine walking into a restaurant where there are no human waiters milling around, no chefs in the kitchen, and no managers running the business. Instead, you’ll be greeted by a service robot that controls every detail of your dining experience. Sounds futuristic? In a fully AI-controlled restaurant of the future, this could soon become a reality. We’ll take it to the extreme for you 😉

The birth of a concept

The idea of ​​a fully AI-driven restaurant may sound scary at first, but upon closer inspection, it offers a wealth of benefits. These restaurants could not only increase efficiency and reduce operating costs, but also provide a unique dining experience. These would be perfectly tailored to guests’ individual preferences and needs.

How can this work?

In such a restaurant, AI would take over all aspects of the operation, from managing capacity, putting together menus, taking orders, preparing the food and delivering it to the table. In addition, the AI ​​​​also plans the efficient use of food in order to produce almost no waste, keyword “zero waste”.

Guests could place their orders either through a dedicated app or directly at a digital terminal, with the AI ​​taking into account their preferences, allergies and dietary needs.
The AI ​​would then plan the optimal preparation and presentation of the food. Factors such as taste, texture, nutrition and presentation are taken into account. In the kitchen, robotic arms and automated systems would prepare the food under the guidance of the AI, with every detail being precisely controlled. This creates a perfect culinary experience.

The personalized experience

One of the most exciting aspects of a fully AI-driven restaurant is the ability to provide a highly personalized experience. The AI ​​would analyze guests’ eating habits and preferences and make customized recommendations based on their previous orders and feedback. This way, guests could discover new dishes that perfectly suit their tastes, while also having the opportunity to enjoy their favorite dishes in a perfected form.

Challenges and concerns

Of course, there are also challenges and concerns associated with a fully AI-driven restaurant, such as data security and privacy. Not to mention the loss of the personal and human element, as interpersonal interaction is an essential part of the dining experience.

A dream of the future or soon a reality?

The idea of ​​a fully AI-controlled restaurant may seem futuristic, but in a world where technology is constantly advancing, it could soon become a reality, according to speakers at INTERNORGA. In the discussion group, they assumed that the first fully AI-controlled restaurant could open at the end of 2024 or beginning of 2025.

At the trade fair we were already able to examine some robots that, for example, serve drinks or prepare food. One thing is certain: the future of hospitality will be exciting and full of possibilities. A fully AI-controlled restaurant could be just the beginning.
In any case, we are very excited and will of course let you know.

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