Restaurantmitarbeiterin mit Tablet. Künstliche Intelligenz unterstützt im Restaurantmanangement

Everyone is talking about artificial intelligence, and you have probably already tested it yourself. We recently reported on the restaurant of the future, which is controlled completely autonomously by AI. But the fact is that AI can already provide you with a great deal of support when it comes to issues such as capacity utilization, price control and staff planning.

Because in times of rising operating costs and staff shortages, the success of a restaurant today no longer depends solely on the quality of the food, but also on effective management. Today we will show you how this can work.

Intelligent forecasts and planning

One of the main applications of artificial intelligence is the prediction of capacity utilisation and staff planning. By analysing historical data such as peak times, current data such as weather and events in the area, AI can make precise predictions about the expected number of guests. With the help of these analyses, you can optimise your staff planning, avoid over- or understaffing and ensure smooth operations at the same time.

AI also enables intelligent price control. Based on various factors such as demand, seasonal trends and competitor prices, AI can suggest dynamic pricing. This can help maximize your profit margins without scaring off potential customers.

AI can also support you in other areas such as purchasing and stock management, sustainability, customer service and review management.

Opportunities for restaurants in the age of artificial intelligence:

Overall, as a restaurant owner, AI can offer you the opportunity to optimize your operations and increase your profitability. Through accurate occupancy predictions, intelligent pricing and efficient staff planning, you can strengthen your competitiveness and offer your guests a better experience. As an entrepreneur, you can ensure that your restaurant not only survives, but also grows and thrives in a data-driven world.

From theory to practice:

“Let’s get down to business” as they say here in the north 😉

We have researched a few tools for you that you should know as a restaurant owner:

  • MARA AI – Generator for evaluation responses for reputation management.
  • VOICEplug AI – Interactive and conversational ordering solution for restaurants.
  • Winnow Vision – Food waste disposal technology for restaurants and hotels.
  • Greet – AI-controlled virtual receptionist that uses natural language.
  • Flippy 2 and FlippyLite – AI- and ML-controlled kitchen robots for frying.
  • CookRight – AI-controlled camera system for coffee preparation.
  • Cecilia AI – The world’s first interactive AI bartender.
  • Wobot AI – Video Intelligence Solution (VMS) for integrating operational insights into security cameras.
  • Ingest AI – Real-time data integration solution for restaurants.
  • Zira AI – Workforce management platform for creating AI-generated employee schedules.
  • Tidio – Chatbot and live chat solutions for restaurants.

We hope our article has shed some light on the AI universe. If you have any questions about this article or our CASSABOX, please send us a message or give us a call on 04954 9279550 (also via WhatsApp). We look forward to hearing from you and accompanying you into the future of catering!

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