Mann am Laptop, der sein Kassensystem dem Finanzamt meldet

From 1 January 2025, all hotels and restaurants must report their cash registers to the tax office. This change is based on the introduction of the technical security device (TSE) in 2020. As the technical requirements for electronic reporting have now been created, this regulation is now being implemented.

Details on the reporting obligation

All POS systems that were purchased before 1 July 2025 or will be purchased by then must be reported to the tax office by 31 July 2025 at the latest. New cash register systems purchased from 1 July 2025 should be registered within one month of commissioning.

From 1 January 2025, registration will be available via the “My Elster” programme and the ERiC interface (Elster Rich Client). This enables uncomplicated and efficient electronic reporting of cash register systems.

Background and aim of the regulation

With the introduction of the TSE in 2020, we have already laid the foundation for the secure and transparent recording of sales. The current reporting obligation ensures that all POS systems are properly registered with the tax office. This is intended to prevent manipulation and increase tax transparency.

The reporting obligation for POS systems in hotels and restaurants from 1 January 2025 is a significant step towards improving tax transparency and security. Find out in good time and take the necessary steps to meet the deadlines and avoid possible penalties. Use “My Elster” and the ERiC interface for smooth registration and benefit from efficient and secure recording of your POS system.

Also important to know: The above-mentioned regulation also applies to cash register systems that are leased or rented.

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