The hottest gastronomy trends for 2024!

Welcome to 2024 – the year in which the gastronomy scene is set for a breath of fresh air and digital trends! As we look forward to a year full of culinary adventures, we take a look at the hottest trends set to take over the catering industry in the coming months. … Read More

Chancen und Herausforderungen der Mehrwertsteuer-Erhöhung

Challenges and opportunities following the VAT increase.

The year 2024 not only brings good intentions, but also exciting developments in the catering industry. However, the start to 2024 is proving to be rocky for many restaurateurs, as the VAT reduction on restaurant services expired at the start of the new year. … Read More

Gastronomy events with advance ticket sales

Today we’ll show you how to organize great events, market them online and thus gain planning security for yourself. … Read More

Gastronomy: Different service models to increase profitability

Rising costs, scarce staff, reserved guests – in order to remain profitable, restaurateurs currently have to work imaginatively. … Read More

The abolition of the Girocard – what you need to know now.

The abolition of the Girocard or EC card with the Maestor logo is on everyone’s lips. You can find out from us what this means for you personally and your company. … Read More

Wakeboarder Abendstimmung

The Revolution of Self-Service-Terminals in Wakeparks.

Our wake park customers such as Strandarena Alfsee, Hot Sport Marburg or even Wasserski Salzgitter offer water sports enthusiasts a unique experience. However, in addition to exciting rides, instructive courses, it is also important to offer guests a smooth service, … Read More

Bargeldloses Bezahlen

Cashless payment

Cashless payment has established itself in the catering industry as a convenient and efficient method. This modern type of transaction offers a variety of advantages for both customers and for you as a restaurateur. Cashless payment enables faster processing of … Read More

CASSAMAN Handheld, mobile Kasse

Three advantages for the use of a mobile cash register

A handheld in the catering industry is extremely useful and offers numerous advantages. With our handheld, the CASSAMAN, your service staff will perform their tasks more efficiently and improve customer service. Here are three key benefits for you: 1. TimefactorA … Read More

Preisetiketten mit Deiner Cassabox erstellen

New feature: label printing

With our new function, the label printing, you can easily and conveniently label your goods and merchandise items! So you can sell your goods quickly and easily, have an overview of the sold quantities and no longer have to maintain … Read More

Vertragsverwaltung mit Deiner CASSABOX

New feature: contract management

With our new contract management you can now manage your contracts and assign them to your members. This new feature will make your administration work much easier, because you will not only have your contracts in view, but also your … Read More