Trinkgeld-Funktion am Self-Service-Terminal

Our tipping function at the self-service terminal

Tips in the catering industry are given to your service staff as an expression of appreciation and also serve as a supplement to their salary. We have already reported on when tips in the catering industry become tax-relevant. Tipping at … Read More

Trinkgeldversteuerung in der Gastronomie

Tipping in the catering industry – an overview of tax obligations

Tips are more than just a nice gesture – they play a crucial role for service staff in the catering industry. Among other things, tips help to top up salaries and serve as an instrument of appreciation. However, it is … Read More

Cassabox auf der Internorga 2024

Internorga 2024 – Focus on digital trends in the catering industry

The catering industry is in a constant state of flux, and in recent years in particular, digitalization has had a huge impact on the way we eat, drink and enjoy food. As a pioneer in the industry, we are always … Read More

Gastronomy: Different service models to increase profitability

Rising costs, scarce staff, reserved guests – in order to remain profitable, restaurateurs currently have to work imaginatively. … Read More