Interactive self-service terminals.

The perfect self-service experience

From self-service checkouts to visitor check-in / check-out to ordering systems. Allow your customers to take control of their transactions. With the versatile and modular product offering, you can provide innovative solutions that adapt to changing consumer behavior.

  • Self-service checkouts
  • Ordering systems
  • Check-in / Check-out
  • Product information

Self-order or self-ordering indicates demand earlier, enabling faster fulfillment and higher satisfaction of your customers.

Smart Order - Bestellsystem über Selbstbedienungsterminal
kleiner Selbstbedienungs-POS für Kassenbereich
Kleiner Selbstbedienungs-POS zur Wandmontage

You have the choice:
Wall, counter or floor solution.

The modular design of the self-service terminals offers configurations
for any space and is perfect for retail, hospitality, healthcare and corporate environments.

With 22-, 24- or 27-inch touchscreens.
You have the free choice.

We offer different product configurations, so that you get the optimal self-service solution for your application.
for your area of application and leave nothing to be desired.

Selbstbedienungsterminals in unterschiedlichen Größen

Promote customer loyalty through a professional check-out system

Improve the customer experience by minimizing wait times and increasing order accuracy by providing an interactive platform with enticing visuals and endless options on your self-service terminal.

Delight your repeat customers with personalized menu items, free add-ons and exclusive offers to keep them coming back.

In addition to enhancing the customer experience, you’ll streamline your operations, saving resources, time and money.

Mittleres Selbstbedienungsterminal mit EC-Cash Anbindung
Wallaby Sellf-Check-In und Self-Check-Out
Selbstbedienungsterminal von ELO

On request with
personalized back plate.

A back panel with your branding enhances your
self-service solution – simply attach it to the
the back of the stand or the ceiling bar.

A ceiling rod for
better appearance.

Guide the cabling upwards using the
upwards using the ceiling rod to minimize
on your current footprint.

Der Wallaby Selbstbedienungsterminal
Selbstbedienungs-POS mit Deckenstange

self-service solutions

From wrapping the back cover to adding your logo
to designing the front with a color of your choice – the
Wallaby Pro can be customized to fit your business.

Smarte Selfservice-Terminals mit EC-Cash Anbindung

Or perhaps a 32" kiosk version?

The models can be configured as either single-sided, double-sided or wall-mounted, offering maximum flexibility.

Verschiedene Ausführungen von Selbstbedienungsterminals, Self-Service-Terminals
Together for the perfect POS solution

The CASSABOX POS systems at a glance

The POS systems are specially designed for maximum flexibility in a wide variety of environments. Whether as a fixed POS system, a self-service terminal or a mobile handheld solution. With CASSABOX touch POS systems, we ensure that every touch delivers what your employees need and your customers expect.

Touch Cash Register

The practical classic with style.
Available in different versions.
POS Touchkasse

All-In-One-Touch Cash Register

The all-in-one solution with touch checkout
and receipt printer in one device.
POS Touchkasse mit Bondrucker und 2D-Scanner CASSABOX


We offer self-service systems for every application
Self-Service-Systeme in verschiedenen Ausführungen

Mobile solution

Mobile handheld POS solution
with great additional functions.
CASSAMAN - mobile Computer


Mobile or stationary iPad POS systems
with bond printing station.
CASSABOX digitales Kassensystem POS Kasse


Modern, calibrated store scales.
Price calculating, receipt and label printing.
Wagenkasse CASSABOX


Practical accessories for your POS system.
Receipt printers, scanners, card terminals …
CASSAMAN, Handheld

You want to know more about CASSABOX?

The CASSABOX should give you pleasure and support you efficiently in your everyday business.
We are happy to present you the CASSABOX online with all its functions.
So you can see directly if the CASSABOX suits you and of course we clarify all your questions.