General Functions

CASSABOX offers you many functions that support you efficiently in your everyday business.
Checkout, manage, analyze or marketing at the POS - done with just a few clicks. Promised!


You can manage your checkout processes quickly and easily using the modern and
perform intuitive user interface.

  • Fast article selection via EAN/GTIN or “click & go”
  • Discounts for individual items or complete sale
  • Allocation of sales to a customer via loyalty cards
  • Issuing and redeeming vouchers
  • Selection of additional items/product variations
  • Various payment methods – also in combination – selectable

Control and manage

With CASSABOX you also have the function of an integrated merchandise management at your disposal, so you keep track of all goods movements.

  • Simple merchandise management
  • Basic goods movements per cash register
  • Recording of incoming and outgoing goods
  • Note when order stock for item is reached
  • Quickly activate and deactivate items
  • Overview of the “racers” and “bums
  • Simple implementation of the inventory
  • Various export functions

Evaluate and analyze

Transparency and overview is the prerequisite for successful entrepreneurial action.
CASSABOX therefore provides you with many functions for evaluations and overviews.

  • Carrying out fast cash register counts
  • Convenient overview of cash books
  • Easy creation of cash statements
  • Quick comparability of cash register utilization
  • Overview of customer and own documents
  • Voucher sales and redemptions
  • Overview of all processes within the POS system

In CASSABOX nothing remains hidden from you.
You can create and export any business-relevant evaluation.

Digital cash receipt

Receipts belong on the smartphone and paper chaos is a thing of the past. With CASSABOX, the receipt can be flexibly stored digitally on the cell phone, as a PDF without an app, a partner app or an anybill account – together with the company anybill, we put an end to the chaos of slips of paper.

Of course, anybill attaches great importance to privacy and data security. That is why no personal data is passed on to third parties. And even within anybill, data is stored according to the highest security standards, such as ISO 27017 or ISO 27001 certification.

Marketing am POS

Modern customer display

Addressing customers directly at the POS

With a customer display, the customer has all the essential information at a glance. In addition to service, you can also offer important sales information in a modern and up-to-date way. Draw your customers’ attention to offers and promotions directly at the POS. You have various options for promoting your promotions via the POS display! If you offer your customers the digital receipt, it will be displayed on the customer display at the beginning of the checkout process.

You want to see the CASSABOX live?

Features, features, features.

You have a wide range of functions at your disposal so that you can make CASSABOX your cash register.
The intuitive and simple operation as well as the joy of the cash register always remain. Promised!

Employee Management

You can comfortably create your employees and assign only the CASSABOX rights they need for their job.

Customer management

Create different customer groups, define appropriate sales prices or perform a professional target group analysis.

Article management

Manage your items, add additional items, define possible quotas or sales, even personalizations are no problem.

Voucher management

Get a quick overview of sold and open vouchers. So you can start possible marketing campaigns.


Give a discount on individual items, on the entire purchase or define them for a specific customer group. This way you are maximally flexible.


You can also create an invoice directly from CASSABOX in case a customer needs it separately for the purchase.


Use CASSABOX at the POS with a touch system, with one or two displays, on an iPad - you decide according to your requirements.


You can use your cash registers independently within your location and thus react flexibly to short-term requirements and peak times.

Multi-cash management

No matter if you want to use one, two, three or however many cash registers, you manage all cash registers via a CASSABOX management.

Personal settings

The CASSABOX is of course customized with extensive settings for you. Your business - your CASSABOX.

Compliant with law

The CASSABOX meets all requirements of the GoBD, KassenSichV and is of course online TSE certified. We remain secure.

Extensive exports

A variety of export options are available to you. This ensures further processing in third-party programs.

Our Industries for you


The CASSABOX is a flexible digital POS system and can be used for any industry or business model.
The size of the company does not matter either – one or several cash registers – the CASSABOX is flexible.

Das moderne und flexibelste Kassensystem für die Gastronomie, mobile Kasse
Das moderne und flexibelste Kassensystem für den Einzelhandel
Das moderne und flexibelste Kassensystem für Friseure
Das moderne und flexibelste Kassensystem für Floristen
Das moderne und flexibelste Kassensystem für Bäckereien
Das moderne und flexibelste Kassensystem für Kosmetikstudios und Massagesalons
Das moderne und flexibelste Kassensystem für Kosmetikstudios und Massagesalons
Das moderne und flexibelste Kassensystem mit integrierter Zutrittssteuerung für Indoorparks und Indoorspielplätze
Kassensystem für Wakeparks und Wasserski, das moderne und flexibelste Kassensystem

Your industry is not included?
Don’t worry, our CASSABOX
is the right POS solution
for every industry.

You want to know more about CASSABOX?

The CASSABOX should give you pleasure and support you efficiently in your everyday business.
We are happy to present you the CASSABOX online with all its functions.
So you can see directly if the CASSABOX suits you and of course we clarify all your questions.