Trinkgeldversteuerung in der Gastronomie

Tipping in the catering industry – an overview of tax obligations

Tips are more than just a nice gesture – they play a crucial role for service staff in the catering industry. Among other things, tips help to top up salaries and serve as an instrument of appreciation. However, it is … Read More

Bargeldloses Bezahlen

Cashless payment

Cashless payment has established itself in the catering industry as a convenient and efficient method. This modern type of transaction offers a variety of advantages for both customers and for you as a restaurateur. Cashless payment enables faster processing of … Read More

Digitales Bezahlverfahren SimpledPaid mit Deiner CASSABOX

New feature: SimpledPaid – the digital credit payment system

Since March 2022 we offer you as a CASSABOX customer a new feature, the cashless payment via RFID technology, the SimpledPaid a credit payment system. With this we not only want to offer you a simplification of the various payment … Read More