Trinkgeldversteuerung in der Gastronomie

Tipping in the catering industry – an overview of tax obligations

Tips are more than just a nice gesture – they play a crucial role for service staff in the catering industry. Among other things, tips help to top up salaries and serve as an instrument of appreciation. However, it is … Read More

The abolition of the Girocard – what you need to know now.

The abolition of the Girocard or EC card with the Maestor logo is on everyone’s lips. You can find out from us what this means for you personally and your company. … Read More

Wakeboarder Abendstimmung

The Revolution of Self-Service-Terminals in Wakeparks.

Our wake park customers such as Strandarena Alfsee, Hot Sport Marburg or even Wasserski Salzgitter offer water sports enthusiasts a unique experience. However, in addition to exciting rides, instructive courses, it is also important to offer guests a smooth service, … Read More

Bargeldloses Bezahlen

Cashless payment

Cashless payment has established itself in the catering industry as a convenient and efficient method. This modern type of transaction offers a variety of advantages for both customers and for you as a restaurateur. Cashless payment enables faster processing of … Read More

Energie sparen, Gastronomie, Tipps CASSABOX

Tips for saving gas and electricity for the catering industry.

It is said that a restaurateur has to pay about four percent of his annual turnover for gas and electricity. The massive demand in your restaurant consists mainly of heating, hot water, cooling and lighting. With the current rising prices … Read More

Preisetiketten mit Deiner Cassabox erstellen

New feature: label printing

With our new function, the label printing, you can easily and conveniently label your goods and merchandise items! So you can sell your goods quickly and easily, have an overview of the sold quantities and no longer have to maintain … Read More

Vertragsverwaltung mit Deiner CASSABOX

New feature: contract management

With our new contract management you can now manage your contracts and assign them to your members. This new feature will make your administration work much easier, because you will not only have your contracts in view, but also your … Read More

Digitalisierung Fitnessstudio 247 CASSABOX

Digitalization Fitnessstudio 24/7

The time has come – since the beginning of January 2022, Fitness Studio 24/7 in Moordmerland has been relying on digitalization with our all-in-one solution from BINARYTEC- which means: from our CASSABOX checkout system with connection to the integrated INTELLIAX … Read More

Digitaler Kassenbon anybill und CASSABOX machens möglich!

The digital receipt

Did you know that an estimated 5.7 million kilograms of additional receipt paper have been used since the introduction of mandatory receipt paper in Germany? Has your consumption of receipt paper also risen dramatically since then? We can show you … Read More

Kassenbon als Werbemittel

Useful additions for your receipt

In addition to all the legal information that needs to be on your receipt, we’ve put together some useful tips and ideas for adding to your receipt. But beware, the motto here is: less is more! If the receipt is … Read More