Vertragsverwaltung mit Deiner CASSABOX

With our new contract management you can now manage your contracts and assign them to your members. This new feature will make your administration work much easier, because you will not only have your contracts in view, but also your To Do’s! This feature is especially interesting for all those who work with contracts, such as fitness studios.

The most important functions at a glance:

  1. All contracts clearly arranged at a click
  2. Quick access to membership and contract data, as you no longer have to rummage through folders
  3. For each member the corresponding contract is stored
  4. You can use the “Contract status” function to store To Do’s for each member, e.g. a need for clarification if the payment was posted back.
  5. Clear reporting function that shows you all figures and data at a glance
  6. Manage new contracts or cancellations quickly and easily
  7. Lock RFID tags for your access control as needed directly from CASSABOX

All contracts in one place:
Create all your contracts with the associated information such as duration, cancellation periods, payment intervals and contributions. You can then store these directly in the customer master, or add a customer via the contract.

Vertragsverwaltung - Übersicht Auflistung Verträge
Overview listing contracts

Quick access to your data:

In the overviews of your contracts or customers, you can see at a glance which contract is assigned to whom. In addition, you can use the tabs at the top to easily filter for the data you need at the moment. For example, a specific contract, payment type or contract status.

Vertragsverwaltung - Kundenübersicht mit Verträgen
Overview customers/contracts

For each member the corresponding contract is stored
In the customer data master, you not only see the transactions made, customer documents or customer numbers, but from now on also whether a contract is stored. You can view this directly via the customer data master. Do you see the little exclamation mark? It shows that there is a “need for clarification” in the contract status.

Vertragsverwaltung - Stammblatt Kunde
Customer data master

Contract status (your real added value on this one!)
You can use the Contract status function to specify whether a contract is active, has been terminated, is suspended, or whether clarification is required. You can also create a note for the “need for clarification” status. For example, that you want to talk to your customer again about his cancellation – perhaps another contract suits him better and you can win him back as a customer.

The status in your contract management is also interesting for your accounting – so it can also be stored, if a member’s contribution could not be debited, or more often. And if you use our access management INTELLIAX, you can use your CASSABOX in case of non-payment with a few clicks to block his RFID carrier for access to your studio.

In any case, this function will make your everyday office life easier. You simply filter out what you need right now and can get to your To Do’s 😊

Vertragsverwaltung - Infofenster zum Klärungsbedarf mit Statusinformation
Info window need for clarification

One final note: The whole thing is for digital management and processing of your contracts. You can also store the scanned contracts of your members in the customer master, but you must also keep the original documents in paper form.

You can read about how the workflow with our systems looks in a gym, for example, in our blog post on the digitization of the gym 24/7 in Moormerland.

If you have any questions about contract management, our CASSABOX or our smart access management system INTELLIAX, feel free to contact us.

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