Digitaler Kassenbon anybill und CASSABOX machens möglich!

Did you know that an estimated 5.7 million kilograms of additional receipt paper have been used since the introduction of mandatory receipt paper in Germany? Has your consumption of receipt paper also risen dramatically since then? We can show you how to save paper and offer an environmentally friendly alternative. Because with our partner anybill, we offer you a great alternative – the digital receipt.

How does the whole thing work?
Our partner anybill is directly connected to your CASSABOX via an interface. When your customer pays you, all cash register data for this transaction is sent to anybill during “check-out”. Through the connection, the digital receipt is then created and sent back to your CASSABOX. Your customer now has two options to retrieve the receipt:

  1. A QR code now appears on your customer display, which your customer scans. They are then taken to a website where their receipt is provided in PDF format.
  2. Your customer opens his anybill app on his smartphone and shows you his digital customer card (QR code). You can scan it and the customer receives their receipt directly in the app.
Digitaler Kassenbon - Tablet und Handheld mit digitalem Kassenbon

What happens in the event of an Internet outage?
Don’t worry, if your CASSABOX does not receive a response from anybill via the interface, your receipt will be automatically forwarded to the receipt printer.

What conditions do I have to create?
A prerequisite for the digital receipt is, of course, that you have a customer display. This can be either a second screen or the integrated customer display of your CASSABOX. You also need your own contract with anybill. There, a customer account will be created for you and all your data will be stored on the digital receipt.

What requirements must be met on the customer side?

The prerequisite for this is that your customer gives his consent to receive a digital receipt instead of a paper receipt. Tacit consent is sufficient. All you have to do is point out the electronic receipt to the customer. If he does not expressly object to this, you can use the paperless form.

Green Marketing – “green green green” are all my clothes…
Empty talk was yesterday – today your customers want to see what you do for the environment. And with our interface to anybill, that’s exactly where you come in! So tell your customers how much paper and CO2 emissions you save through your digital receipt and highlight your business as a truly sustainable company.

Save money with digital receipts!
That’s right, with digital receipts you not only save paper, but also cash! With the smallest package at anybill, you can save from 0.2 cents per receipt. The more transactions you have per month, the cheaper your receipts will be.

Do you have questions about the digital receipt or our CASSABOX? Then write us a message and we will contact you. Of course you can easily upgrade your CASSABOX with a second display.

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