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The technical security device for cash registers – also known as TSE for short – is on everyone’s lips, but what exactly does it mean? In our article we want to inform you briefly and understandably about it and show you what it depends on.

Significance of the Cash Protection Regulation
The amendment to the Cash Register Act on the technical security device came into force on 01 January 2020. This law states that cash register operators must use a tamper-proof cash register. Specifically, it means that all cash registers must be equipped with a security module for electronic cash registers with immediate effect.

This security module ensures that all cash register transactions are recorded in an unalterable and tamper-proof manner. This is intended to rule out any subsequent editing of cash register data and prevent fraud.
The security module encrypts every cash transaction and provides it with an electronic signature, a signature counter and a time stamp. The technical security device can then be checked by the tax office for changes or gaps. In addition, the data must be exportable to the tax office at any time.

Technische Sicherheitseinrichtung Kasse - Rechtskonform

Who is this law aimed at and what are the transition periods?
All those who work with an electronic cash register are affected by this change in the law. All those who use an open store cash register, i.e. a cash register without technical equipment, are not affected.

For electronic cash registers purchased before January 01, 2020, a transition period until March 31, 2021 applied. If you purchased a cash register before that (between November 25 and January 01, 2020) that complies with the basic cash register guidelines (GoBD) but cannot be retrofitted, the period is extended until December 31, 2022.

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We hope that we were able to shed some light on this topic with our article. If you have any questions about TSE, please contact us or make an appointment for a product presentation of our #CASSABOX.

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