Trinkgeld-Funktion am Self-Service-Terminal

Tips in the catering industry are given to your service staff as an expression of appreciation and also serve as a supplement to their salary. We have already reported on when tips in the catering industry become tax-relevant.

Tipping at the self-service terminal

In an era characterised by digitalisation and in which more and more restaurateurs are switching to self-service terminals while your guests hardly ever carry cash with them, the question naturally arises as to how your service staff can continue to earn tips. Today we are introducing our new tipping function for self-service terminals.

We have developed a suitable function for our CASSABOX and self-service terminals so that nobody goes away empty-handed 😊. Your customer can now easily add a tip via a tip button in the checkout process. They can choose whether they want to add a percentage to the bill or a fixed amount.

Trinkgeldfunktion am Self-Service-Terminal
Tipping window at the self-service terminal

As an entrepreneur, you can decide for yourself whether the tip window opens automatically or only after clicking on it. You can also set the percentage or fixed tip amount manually.

As collective tips are taxable, you can add a tax and product group to the “Tip” item in the CASSABOX. This assigns your tip to a Datev account and you are on the safe side in terms of tax law.

A great function, isn’t it? 😉 This way, you can at least make sure that the tips for your service staff don’t decrease.

Do you have any questions about the tipping function at the self-service terminal or about our CASSABOX in general? Then please write us a message or contact us by phone on: 04954 9279550. You can also send us a WhatsApp message to this number.

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