Today we’ll show you how to organize great events, market them online and thus gain planning security for yourself.

Organize events, such as theme or dinner evenings, depending on the season. Autumn themes include herbs, mushrooms, pumpkin and much more. Create a multi-course menu and include a fine selection of drinks. Here, for example, you can also work with the winemaker you trust.

Together with this, you could also offer a wine tasting, which you accompany by a flying buffet. A perfect win-win situation. 😊 Of course, this doesn’t just work with wine, but also, for example, with a beer tasting by a beer sommelier.

Another – currently very popular – event is the kitchen party. As is well known, this takes place in the kitchen and is intended for a small group of guests. Guests can look over your chefs’ shoulders, get a few tips and try appetizers. The atmosphere is also relaxed and offers plenty of space for networking.

In the classic way, you can also offer a Sunday brunch, goose dinner for Martini or Advent buffets. There are many options here.

Selling your tickets online

By making your events bookable online through tickets, you gain planning security. Sell ​​the tickets in advance and always keep an eye on the capacity of your event. With our online booking system voutify you can even sell your events with seat reservations. The number of available tickets is currently displayed in the online shop. You can also sell your value or service vouchers via the shop.

In your online shop, guests have a great overview of your upcoming events, can buy tickets immediately online and then receive them by email.


Advertise accordingly in advance and ensure enough attention. There are many options here: from the classic advertisement in the daily or weekly newspaper, to Facebook and Instagram posts or advertising, to advertising via newsletter.

In addition, future events can be easily advertised as teasers on your receipt or in a culinary calendar. You can send this digitally by email or display it in print in your restaurant or use it as an insert in the weekly newspaper.

If you have any further questions about our online booking system voutify or our cash register system CASSABOX, please write us a message or contact us by phone on: 04954 9279550. You can also send us a WhatsApp message to this number.

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