Bonplficht - was Du beachten musst.

In addition to the TSE obligation, the so-called receipt obligation has been in effect since January 1, 2020. What exactly this means and what you have to pay attention to, we explain in a short article.

What the receipt obligation says:
Since January 1, 2020, all electronic cash registers are subject to the obligation to issue receipts. It does not matter whether you use a scale cash register, a mobile cash register such as an iPad cash register, or a classic POS cash register. The obligation to issue receipts is anchored in the German Cash Register Act to protect against manipulation. The creation of the receipt must be in direct temporal connection with the cash transaction.

Who is excluded from this?
The receipt obligation affects all TSE cash registers and all old cash registers that cannot be retrofitted with a TSE module. You can find more tips and transition periods in another blog post about TSE. Excluded from the receipt obligation are all open store cash registers such as the classic cash box at the weekly market.

What must be written on the receipt?

  • Name and address of your company
  • Date of turnover
  • Quantity and type of goods supplied or scope and type of other performance
  • Remuneration and tax amount or rate
  • Amount per payment type
  • Time of the beginning and end of the settlement
  • Transaction number
  • Serial number of your CASSABOX
  • Signature counter
  • Checksum

The good news: If you use our CASSABOX, you don’t need to worry about all these things, because we will of course set up the receipt legally compliant in advance. In addition, we will set your logo and your tax number and tax ID.

What can be a useful addition to my receipt?
Use the space on the receipt for useful information and e.g. your customer loyalty programs. You can find more tips on this in our blog post on the subject of receipt expansion.

Die Bonpflicht

Paperless alternative
Every day, countless receipts are printed and simply end up in the garbage can. To avoid this, you can use an environmentally friendly alternative: the digital receipt. In our article “The digital receipt“, we explain exactly how this works and what requirements have to be met.

By the way: Our CASSABOX offers the service of attaching the EC cash receipt directly to the bottom of the receipt so that you do not have to issue two receipts, or even better: the EC receipt is attached directly under the digital receipt, which saves you even more paper! 😊

Would you like more information about our partner anybill and the digital receipt? Then write to us or arrange a presentation appointment for our #CASSABOX.

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